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"The creative journey has the power to heal, inspire and feed your soul."

Welcome to my journey


Jacqueline Drake 


"Surround yourself with the people you love
and the art that you love" Jacqueline D

"Heavenly Strength"
Commissioned Hospital Installation 
24 x 36 mixed media on canvas 
Located in St.Josephs Hospital, Michigan 


"Inner Stillness"
16 x 20  
Encaustic on masonite 


"Heaven Scent"

48 X 60 mixed media on canvas 

"Art that heals, inspires, and calms the soul - Should be worn", Jacqueline D


"Peace Within" 
Resin on canvas  15 x 30 

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Honored to be the winner of 

 Hour Detroit's "Best Place To Buy Original Art" 2019. 

 Named Face Of Creativity by Hour magazine  2019 

The Artwork of Jacqueline Drake has appeared in hospitals, spas, yoga studios, restaurants, galleries and private collections in homes all across the US.

Created In BrushworkVR  -- Virtual Reality 

Meet Jacqueline Drake 

Jacqueline Drake has been using her intuitive process to create mixed media art for over 20 years. Having started her career in the healthcare field, then deciding to study fine art as well as intuitive and meditative healing, Jacqueline brings a truly unique blend of talents and knowledge to her practice and community.

 Her stunning artwork seems to glow and be lit from within. Its luminous style, like the artist herself, reminds the viewer of their own energy and light, bringing forth a calming introspection that many find healing. Through her beautiful canvasses, art inspired clothing and wellness products, engaging workshops, and private healing art sessions.

Jacqueline helps people relax, create, explore and be inspired.

  She now takes you on her own mind body and creative healing journey.After closing her healing arts gallery in 2020 Jacqueline decided to take a deep dive into her own personal wellness of her Mind ,Body and her Creative Spirit.And with a quest to use all her tools she had - she set out for a full mind, body and creative spirit reboot.

In 2021 Jacqueline and her husband Dr.Cassius Drake recognized the desperate need for better mental health in the world. And truly wanted to create a medical practice that incorporates many modalities for healing of the Mind,Body and Creative Spirit 

That was when they founded

The Drake Center For Transformative Healing 


 Jacqueline is currently the director of creative and immersive therapies. She continues to create with her patients in an incredibly healing space and is grateful to be able to do this work with her husband and even more grateful to be back in her healing  space in Franklin, MI.\

Welcome to her journey of Mind,Body and Creative Spirit 

Jacqueline resides in Michigan with her husband and two sons. She continues to create in her home studio on commissions. 

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Contact Jacqueline 

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